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Babor Reversive Anti-Aging Cream

Babor Reversive Anti-Aging Cream
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A 24 hr. anti-aging treatment cream for the face containing the exclusive BABOR precision formula with active ingredients to restore skin’s youthful radiance. Skin has a more even, firmer and smoother appearance and looks younger. Extends the life cycle of cells and thus significantly slows down skin aging. Counteracts the decomposition of the collagen fibres. Increases collagen and elastin fibres. Balances out any discoloration to the skin. “As the seasons change, it is also wise to change your skin care routine. While protecting your skin from the shift in temperature, you can also combat the signs of aging. One of my favorite products to do this with is BABOR’s ReVersive Anti-Aging Cream. This highly effective cream contains active ingredients to keep your skin radiant and smooth. Nobel Prize winning research has unlocked an active complex to keeps your cells younger longer by combating skin aging at its source – the telomeres! The addition of plant stem cells & plant extracts gives the skin protection from free radicals with visible luminosity. The quick absorbing cream is suitable for all skin types but especially for those of us who are concerned with dull, tired skin that has lost its usual vibrancy and tone. I personally like the silky texture and glow it gives my skin. All of these results are achieved with this cream and packaged in a convenient pump. Use BABOR’s ReVersive cream morning and night after cleansing and see your own amazing results!”

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